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New approach for S-Risk trainings

We have re-organised the concept for our S-Risk training sessions, and have added new dates for upcoming trainings.

More information can be found on our Events page.

S-Risk in Brussels starting in January 2016

As of January 1, 2016, IBGE-BIM will put forward S-Risk as the standard model for use in the framework of sustainable soil management in the Brussels region.

Brussels will rely on the same S-Risk model that is currently applicable for the Flanders region. Hence, companies with a license for the Flemish version of S-Risk will not have to order an additional license.

Companies interested in purchasing a license can find more information on our Registration page.

User manual updated

The S-Risk user manual has been updated and can be found on our Documents page, in English and Dutch. Typos and inconsistencies have been corrected and we included new content on the features introduced by S-Risk 1.1.

Technical Guidance Document has been updated

The updated Technical Guidance Document can be found here.

New FAQ added

A new entry was added to our FAQ page, explaining why certain metals can not be customized:

FAQ updates

Two of our Frequently Asked Questions have been revised and updated, and a new one added:

Explanations have been adjusted and extended, and a new, more efficient workaround for a basement in contact with groundwater has been formulated. The FAQ content was discussed and developed in close collaboration with VEB and OVAM.

S-Risk license agreement updated

The S-Risk license agreement has been revised and updated, in order to make it more suitable with regard to the use of S-Risk in an interregional or international context. The new license agreement will be applicable to all new S-Risk licenses. For existing licensees, the old license agreement remains in effect. 

These adjustments do not affect or change the S-Risk operational service in any way.

S-Risk updated to 1.1.3

Yesterday, S-Risk has been updated to version 1.1.3. This release resolves a number of issues with the new features introduced in 1.1.0 and some other minor adjustments.

More details can be found on our Release notes page.

S-Risk 1.1.3

Released on May 3, 2015.
List of changes in this release
S-Risk release 1.1.3 resolves a number of issues with the new features introduced in 1.1.0 and some other minor adjustments. We encourage our users to keep on reporting potential issues whenever they are encountered, via the S-Risk helpdesk at info@s-risk.be.
  • calculation of CI results now takes into account enabled exposure routes
  • the "Graph" tab now shows correct units when the groundwater layer is selected
  • the "Main results" section now shows consistent results in applications I & III
  • fixed an issue with K_p parameter validation in Exposure tab
  • adjusted the S-risk scheduling algorithm to avoid incompatibilities with changing S-Risk accounts
  • adjusted data fetching algorithm for summary report
  • fixed Excel output format for extended report

S-Risk updated to 1.1.0

This morning, S-Risk has been updated to 1.1.0. This is a major release introducing two new features, the summary report and batch simulation of concentration ranges. This is explained in more detail on our Release notes page.
We are still in the process of updating the S-Risk user guide to document these features, but the Release notes describe their basic functioning.


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