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S-Risk 1.0.9

Released on February 24th, 2014.

List of changes in this release

S-Risk 1.0.9 is a maintenance release with a number of smaller improvements, and a few adjustments to better cope with the higher server loads we've been experiencing since January. In following updates, we will continue to work on reducing the server load and speeding up simulations.

  • we now eliminated the situation where, in situations of high server load, S-Risk would show the "Calculations completed" message too early, while calculations were actually still running in the background
  • loading/saving model configurations from/to the database by the calculation servers is much faster now
  • storage of plant characteristics is more consistent now
  • a number of small report issues were fixed and applied
  • changes to prevent accounts from being unable to log out correctly


S-Risk updated to 1.0.9

S-Risk has been updated to version 1.0.9. For an overview of the changes in this release, see our Release Notes page.


S-Risk offline for 1.0.9 update

Coming Monday, February 24th, we will be updating S-Risk to version 1.0.9. Server downtime can be expected between 8 and 9h30, please take this in to account when planning simulation work.

S-Risk offline coming Thursday

Coming Thursday, S-Risk will be unavailable in the morning for an update to our network configuration. Some downtime can be expected from 8am on.

Server offline for updates

Later today, the S-Risk server will be offline for a short while to apply necessary operating system updates. Some downtime can be expected at 5pm.

S-Risk helpdesk availability

We would like to inform you that the S-Risk helpdesk will be unavailable between Christmas and New Year. Incoming questions will be answered as soon as possible afterwards.

S-Risk Training session

Given sufficient interest, an S-Risk training session will be organised in January. More details can be found on the Events page, please express your interest via info@s-risk.be or via our Contact form.

S-Risk updated to 1.0.8

S-Risk has been updated to version 1.0.8. For an overview of the changes in this release, see our Release Notes page.

S-Risk 1.0.8

Released on October 22nd, 2013.

List of changes in this release

S-Risk 1.0.8 is a bugfix release, adjusting the loading of chemicals in the S-Risk calculation model. This was a potential source of errors when additional chemicals were added after a first calculation.

Licensees with simulations potentially affected by this problem have been informed earlier. It is sufficient to re-run the calculations for the affected simulations to generate a new report with correct results.

Planned software update

On Tuesday October 22nd, the S-Risk web application will be unavailable between 08h00 and 09h30 for a necessary software update. An e-mail will be sent afterwards.


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