S-Risk 1.0.7


Released on October 21st, 2013.

List of changes in this release

  • Risk tab:
    • S-Risk required valid risk threshold values for ALL routes of an enabled local effect type, which are not always available. This is now more flexible: for local effects, S-Risk now allows risk threshold for individual routes to be left empty.
    • edit fields in the Risk tab are now more clearly indicated to avoid confusion
  • Simulation names are not allowed to have special characters anymore, as this causes problems for downloading¬†report files.
  • Bugfix in calculations when drinking water supply pipe material = "Other"
  • Benzo(g,h,i)perylene data for background exposure via food have¬†been adjusted.

Background & implications of these changes

These are mostly interface-related changes, not affecting simulation results in any way.

Only the changes for benzo(g,h,i)perylene need special attention. This concerns changes in the values for background exposure via food. These values changed from NO background exposure (0 mg/kg.day for all age categories) to following values listed hereafter. The impact is minimal as background exposure is negligible compared to the oral TDI of 3E-2 mg/kg.d:

Soil type Old S-Risk value New 1.0.10 value
Generic 0.24 0.34
Loam 0.27 0.35
Clay 0.30 0.38
Sandy loam 0.25 0.34
Light sandy loam 0.23 0.33
Loamy sand 0.22 0.32
Heavy clay 0.37 0.43
Sand 0.22 0.33