S-Risk 1.1.3


Released on May 3, 2015.

List of changes in this release

S-Risk release 1.1.3 resolves a number of issues with the new features introduced in 1.1.0 and some other minor adjustments. We encourage our users to keep on reporting potential issues whenever they are encountered, via the S-Risk helpdesk at info@s-risk.be.

  • calculation of CI results now takes into account enabled exposure routes
  • the "Graph" tab now shows correct units when the groundwater layer is selected
  • the "Main results" section now shows consistent results in applications I & III
  • fixed an issue with K_p parameter validation in Exposure tab
  • adjusted the S-risk scheduling algorithm to avoid incompatibilities with changing S-Risk accounts
  • adjusted data fetching algorithm for summary report
  • fixed Excel output format for extended report