During the transfer of S-Risk, from the 29th of March until the 3rd of April, the application will not be available. Read more

S-RISK 2.0.0


Dear S-Risk users,

The VITO and SPAQυE teams are in the final stages of transferring the S-Risk tool from VITO to SPAQUE server.

Please note this transfer won’t affect most of your habits, but it is essential to keep in mind the following points:

  • During the transfer period, which takes place between March 29th and April 2nd, you won’t be able to use S-Risk. Please be mindful of your deadlines for your risk assessments;
  • Starting from Monday, April 3rd, you can connect to S-Risk tool as usual, on the same website, with your current username and your current password;
  • All your simulations done in the past with S-Risk are still available;
  • You will connect to S-Risk version 2, with minor appearance differences. The difference between the current S-Risk (called S-Risk version 1) and the new one is IT updating (that the user doesn’t see) and also the re-programming of the interface. The new interface looks like the old one, with the same windows but minor changes are about the method for the selection of the standard scenario or the chemicals, for example. Some videos to help you navigate the new interface are available on the website.

Regarding administrative steps, please keep the following in mind between April and June:

  • Send the new user agreement to SPAQUE. You have to sign it and send it back to SPAQUE to the following e-mail address : s-risk@spaque.be. You will find it in attached file (in English and French languages, considering your preference);
  • Register on the website. We will provide you the URL at a later time;
  • Pay the fees as soon as SPAQUE sends to you the invoice. The cost is 400 € VAT excluded for the yearly fee per individual account. No new fee for the global registration is required;
  • The co-owners and SPAQUE have decided to allow users until June 30, 2023 to complete these necessary actions in order to comply. Rest assured that during this period, access will not be cut off.

The S-Risk team, composed of Mélissa d’Accardo, Marc Paillet and Marie Jailler from SPAQuE, is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Hosting of S-Risk tool;
  • IT maintenance : IT technical watch and IT technical improvement in order to ensure model durability (preventive IT maintenance) and IT technical repairs (curative IT maintenance);
  • IT development : the integration of new pollutants in the database, the change of the soil/plant transfer equations or other similar kind of modification, the change of territory-specific elements ;
  • Helpdesk: handling tickets by users covering: operational questions on licensing, web application, website or demo accounts, calculation-related problems, simulation approach specific cases.

We hope this transition will proceed smoothly for everyone.

Best regards,

S-Risk team