During the transfer of S-Risk, from the 29th of March until the 3rd of April, the application will not be available. Read more

S-Risk transition from VITO to SPAQuE

Based on a cooperation agreement signed with the 4 co-owners of S-RISK® : the Walloon Region, OVAM, Brussels-environment and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, SPAQuE will take over, in the beginning of 2023, the management and development of S-RISK®, previously developed by VITO.

SPAQuE and VITO are cooperating on improving the S-RISK® application and preparing the transfer to SPAQuE. We have the ambition to make this transition as smooth as possible, not affecting previous or current work of the soil experts.

More information will follow in October, and meanwhile, answers to your questions will be answered as complete as possible on the S-RISK® FAQ. It is agreed that no new licenses need to be bought, and that yearly maintenance fees will be organized by SPAQuE in 2023.