Documents page updated


On our Documents page, you can find updated versions of:

  • the S-Risk user manual to reflect the latest changes introduced with S-Risk 1.2.2 (both English and Dutch version);
  • the FL/BRX substance data sheets (both English and Dutch versions).

Furthermore, the following documents applicable to the Walloon version of S-Risk have been made available:

  • the Technical Guidance Document and its Annex III (English version);
  • the WAL substance data sheets (English version).

S-Risk offline for update


This morning, April 10, S-Risk version 1.2.2 will be released. For this reason, the S-Risk web application will be temporarily unavailable between 8 am and 12 am. Please communicate this further to all S-Risk users in your company, so this can be taken into account when planning S-Risk simulation work.

Updated FAQ entry


We have updated the following FAQ entry:

  • Why do mercury, copper, nickel, zinc and lead simulations sometimes give counterintuitive results?

S-Risk 1.2.2


This release includes a number of maintenance adjustments and minor fixes, and further paves the way for the introduction of the Walloon edition of S-Risk. 

General fixes & changes

  • several improvements in the summary report
  • improvements in the archived simulations interface
  • improved consistency of toxicological endpoint ordering in Risk tab & detailed reports
  • improved error reporting in web interface
  • fixed missing translations in Dutch interface
  • improved error reporting in case of groundwater table regarding concrete slab depth
  • fix for decimal separator in scientific notation
  • improved handling of "stuck" simulations that seem to keep running forever
  • better transaction handling in the database to optimize performance

Parameter adjustments

These changes can affect the results of some Flemish/Brussels S-Risk simulations. 

All existing simulations in our database have been reviewed, and the S-Risk accounts with simulations possibly affected by these changes will be notified by email. Contact us via info@s-risk.be if you have further questions!

  • fixed handling of parameter "Fraction of soil in indoor dust": sometimes, a wrong value was assigned when changing applications for a simulation;
  • for 1,2,3-Trimethylbenzene and 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene, the dermal TDU value for systemic threshold effects has been changed. Old value: 0.15, new value: 0.05.

Ordering Walloon S-Risk accounts


Ordering S-Risk accounts applicable to the Walloon region is now possible. More information about prices and how to order them can be found on our Registration page. Walloon accounts will be created and activated as soon as the official starting date of S-Risk in Wallonia is known.

User manual updated


The S-Risk user manual has been updated to reflect the latest changes introduced with S-Risk 1.2.1. You can find English and Dutch versions on our Documents page.

S-Risk updated to version 1.2.1


This morning, S-Risk has been updated to version 1.2.1. This release introduces a new, much-requested archiving feature, and a range of backend changes to enable the use of S-Risk in the Walloon region. A considerable number of generic S-Risk issues were fixed and improved as well.
More details can be found on our Release notes page.

S-Risk 1.2.1


This release is the first public release in the 1.2 series. It introduces a new, much-requested archiving feature, and a range of backend changes to enable the use of S-Risk in the Walloon region. During this process, a considerable number of generic S-Risk issues were fixed and improved, too.

New features

  • added "Archiving" functionality for the simulation overview: simulations not consulted during the last two years, will be archived automatically; other unneeded simulations can be moved manually out of the way

Introduction of S-Risk Wallonia

  • parameter database is extended to cover Walloon-specific studies - available in Walloon S-Risk accounts. This includes additional chemicals, soil layers, land uses and fine-tuning of default parameter values to the Walloon legislative and environmental context.
  • extended account functionality to cover Walloon accounts next to Flanders/Brussels accounts
  • interface adjustments to indicate the S-Risk region associated with the logged in account
  • introduced read-only accounts for transitioning customers
  • revised of the licensing agreement and registration system to cope with the new cross-regional context

General fixes & changes

  • further structural changes to the database to improve performance and responsiveness 
  • backend improvements for database consistency and robustness of parameter defaults
  • fine-tuning of the optimization algorithm to ensure results in a wider range of concentrations
  • fine-tuning of the comment requirements when changing parameters
  • minor corrections and adjustments in parameter database:
    • "total time on site" parameter corrected for some scenarios - without influence on the results
    • default value for ABS_dermal for blank chemicals is changed to 0.25
    • corrected the CAS numbers for Zinc, Arsenic and Trichloroethene
  • improved validation of parameters in Chemical & Risk tabs and related in-browser error reporting
  • fixed some issues in the Graph tab
  • functionality improvements in Risk tab, to improve consistency of risk parameters
  • fixed issues with display of soil/dust ingestion values in Scenario tab
  • fixed issue where Water tab - water consumption factors were uneditable in some cases
  • fixes, improvements and adjustments to the reports, both the summary report and the extended PDF report

The manuals will soon be adjusted to reflect these new features.