S-Risk 1.1.4

Released on January 20, 2016.

List of changes in this release

S-Risk release 1.1.4 introduces minor model modifications and resolves a number of issues in the graphical user interface and the S-Risk server backend. We encourage our users to keep on reporting potential issues whenever they are encountered, via the S-Risk helpdesk at info@s-risk.be.

Model adjustments

  • the BCF model for Arsenic in spinach was slightly adjusted, as the previous model was inconsistent and caused problems with the optimizations in Applications I & III. This adjustment has been thoroughly discussed with OVAM and has a minimal effect on simulation results.
    • previous model:   log(BCF) = -3,36 - 1,1 × log(Csoil) + 0,99 x log(Ptot)
    • new model:  log(BCF) = -0.484 - 0.974 × log(Csoil)
  • the outdoor air model now consistently uses the user-provided soil air measurement value (Concentrations tab) instead of modelled soil air results.
  • indoor air concentration from volatilization is now overruled if the outdoor air concentration at child height is higher, instead of adult height

Graphical user interface improvements

  • the schematic site overview in the "Simulation summary" panel now always shows the correct groundwater depth
  • the summary report (Results tab) now indicates problematic optimization results in Applications I & III more clearly, referring to the extended report
  • the soil layer dropdown menu in the Graph tab now clearly differentiates between the different soil layers by specifying layer depth
  • consumption data for vegetables & animal products are now accessible, in the Exposure tab (Tier 2). Only applications 2 and 3 allow for editing of the consumption data.
  • fixed inconsistent behavior  of the "BCF Formulas" dialog in the Plants tab
  • Water tab parameters are not editable anymore in application I - these are considered to be part of the generic scenario
  • removing a soil layer now also adjusts the "Optimize on soil layer" setting if needed
  • improved the handling of user language settings when generating reports
  • fixed some typos & display issues in the graphical user interface