S-Risk 1.1.5

Released on June 30, 2016.

List of changes in this release

S-Risk 1.1.5 introduces the new optimization backend for applications 1 and 3, and a number of smaller fixes in the user interface.

The new optimization algorithm is a major improvement for the calculation of critical concentrations. It is better at finding the relevant critical concentrations, more capable of dealing with nontrivial RI functions and runs significantly faster than the old algorithm.

Full list of changes in this release:

  • complete overhaul of optimization backend - applications I & III are faster and more robust
  • optimization error messages and remarks have been formulated to be clearer and more user-friendly, both for the older optimization algorithm as well as the new one
  • optimization error messages and comments are now shown in the summary report, too
  • default application type for new simulations is now application II
  • numbers reported in the "exposure overview" in the in-browser report are now consistent with the extended PDF report
  • better tuning of CI & RI calculations and critical concentrations in function of enabled exposure routes
  • improved handling of route enabling/disabling: dermal exposure via water and inhalation via bathroom air are now systematically coupled
  • reports on optimization results will show warnings for metals based on non-standard models, and suggest to double check with the Graph tab
  • renamed region "Flanders" to "Flanders/Brussels", as the model and parameterization is valid for both regions
  • region indication is now prominently visible in the application page header
  • fixed situations where the summary report wouldn't show up after model calculations
  • entering 0 for soil pH, organic matter or clay percentage will raise an error message now
  • the extended & printed summary report now also include the simulation label
  • lots of smaller fixes for text labels in the user interface and reports