New and updated FAQ entries

We have added more FAQ entries and updated existing ones, based on the feedback we have received via the S-Risk helpdesk.

FAQ entries updated:

  • Why does S-Risk give a warning message for a calculated critical concentration in application I or III? (replaces “Why does S-Risk sometimes fail to find critical soil concentrations?”)
  • What are the browser or network requirements for running S-Risk?
  • How to simulate the presence of a paved surface?
  • Why can’t I customize the properties for copper, nickel, mercury, zinc or lead?

New FAQ entries:

  • Why do RI (or ExCR) and CI results differ for volatile substances?
  • How to deal with a contamination that is only partially situated below a building?
  • Why do mercury, copper, nickel and lead simulations sometimes give counterintuitive results?