How to choose the appropriate soil type?

When defining the appropriate soil profile in S-Risk, it is important that the soil layer types you add on the Soil tab have soil properties that are as close as possible to the ones of the soil profile at your site. As a first, pragmatic approach, you can choose the soil types that provide you the best match regarding organic matter and clay content (these properties are visible in Tier 1).
In case the soil properties at your site deviate significantly from the ones available in the default database, it is recommended to switch to Tier 2 and to customize the selected soil layer types. In Tier 2, additional soil properties such as volumetric air content (θa), total soil porosity (θs) and volumetric water content (θw) become visible and editable. When using S-Risk FL/BRX and when site-specific information is not available, you can use Annex I of the FL/BRX technical guidance document to estimate the Tier 2 soil properties from more readily available soil information.
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