S-Risk 1.2.1

This release is the first public release in the 1.2 series. It introduces a new, much-requested archiving feature, and a range of backend changes to enable the use of S-Risk in the Walloon region. During this process, a considerable number of generic S-Risk issues were fixed and improved, too.

New features

  • added "Archiving" functionality for the simulation overview: simulations not consulted during the last two years, will be archived automatically; other unneeded simulations can be moved manually out of the way

Introduction of S-Risk Wallonia

  • parameter database is extended to cover Walloon-specific studies - available in Walloon S-Risk accounts. This includes additional chemicals, soil layers, land uses and fine-tuning of default parameter values to the Walloon legislative and environmental context.
  • extended account functionality to cover Walloon accounts next to Flanders/Brussels accounts
  • interface adjustments to indicate the S-Risk region associated with the logged in account
  • introduced read-only accounts for transitioning customers
  • revised of the licensing agreement and registration system to cope with the new cross-regional context

General fixes & changes

  • further structural changes to the database to improve performance and responsiveness 
  • backend improvements for database consistency and robustness of parameter defaults
  • fine-tuning of the optimization algorithm to ensure results in a wider range of concentrations
  • fine-tuning of the comment requirements when changing parameters
  • minor corrections and adjustments in parameter database:
    • "total time on site" parameter corrected for some scenarios - without influence on the results
    • default value for ABS_dermal for blank chemicals is changed to 0.25
    • corrected the CAS numbers for Zinc, Arsenic and Trichloroethene
  • improved validation of parameters in Chemical & Risk tabs and related in-browser error reporting
  • fixed some issues in the Graph tab
  • functionality improvements in Risk tab, to improve consistency of risk parameters
  • fixed issues with display of soil/dust ingestion values in Scenario tab
  • fixed issue where Water tab - water consumption factors were uneditable in some cases
  • fixes, improvements and adjustments to the reports, both the summary report and the extended PDF report

The manuals will soon be adjusted to reflect these new features.