How to deal with basement air measurements?

The modelling concept for vapour intrusion to indoor air considers the basement and the indoor of the building to be one volume. Therefore, it is not possible to enter measured concentrations for basement air in the model in the Concentrations tab.
Several approaches could be used to assess this situation as correctly as possible:

  • As a worst case, first fill in the basement air concentration as if it was the indoor air concentration.
  • Assume a building with a crawl space ("crawlspace" option on the "Indoor" tab) and set the floor quality parameter fof (fraction of openings in the floor between crawl space and indoor air) at bad (1×10-4) or very bad quality (2×10-4). Proposed parameter values according to floor quality are given in the TGD. Then, fill in the basement air concentration as a crawl space concentration in the "Concentrations" tab.

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