What are the browser or network requirements for running S-Risk?

S-Risk is completely web based and operates fully inside of your browser. The only requirement for running S-Risk is a recent browser:

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
    These browsers have long supported all browser features used by S-Risk and do not give any problems running S-Risk. Depending on the settings and/or version of the Google Chrome browser used, the print preview of the online result summary might not be complete, i.e. does not show all pages.
  • Internet Explorer
    S-Risk usage in Internet Explorer 9 or higher should not give any problems except that the online result summary may not always load when it should. Internet Explorer 8 does not support the graphical simulation overview (in the "Simulation summary" panel), but should otherwise run all S-Risk functionality normally. Internet Explorer 7 and earlier are not supported.
  • Safari 
    We have not tested S-Risk functionality in Safari, and hence, can not give any guarantees that all S-Risk functionality works without problems.

S-Risk uses the standard HTTP and HTTPS network ports for client-server communication, so in most cases, there is no need for special network or firewall configurations.

last modified on 04/12/2017 - 12:10

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