Why can’t I customize the properties for copper, nickel, mercury, zinc or lead?

The metals copper, nickel, zinc, lead and the mercury compounds follow non-standard models for the calculation of Kd factors, pollutant uptake in plants and/or transfer to animal food products. These model exceptions were decided upon during the development of the Flemish soil remediation values, independent from the S-Risk development, and can be found in the substance data sheets (FL/BRX - WAL).

To avoid confusion with regard to the models used, these chemicals cannot be modified. If you would like to work with modified versions of these chemicals, you will need to configure them starting from the ‘Blank Chemical’ template available in the chemical list. In this case, you will also need to calculate the appropriate Kd factor, bioconcentration factor (BCF) and/or biotransfer factor (BTF) from the models given in the substance data sheets.

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