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Why does my simulation take so long to calculate?


The amount of time taken by S-Risk for calculating results is determined by several factors: (i) the application type, (ii) the number of chemicals, (iii) the number of risk endpoints, (iv) reading and saving data and (v) the calculation queueing procedure.

Why can't we use special characters in the simulation name?


S-Risk uses the simulation name for generating the file name of the report file. The transfer of this file via the website (over HTTP protocol) doesn't always correctly handle filenames with special characters, making the report unavailable for the user. For this reason, the use of special characters in simulation names should be avoided.
last modified on 24/11/2014 - 08:59

What do I do if S-Risk seems to be hanging?


In some cases, it's possible that the S-Risk application seems to be hanging. This is possible in case of bad internet connectivity or high load on the S-Risk server.
In these cases, it's best to refresh the browser page to get S-Risk working again, using the Refresh button on your browser or the F5 key. It's possible that you will have to re-enter the non-saved information in the last selected tab before refresh.

Why can't I login anymore? What does "Maximum sessions of 1 for this principal exceeded" mean?


The S-Risk login system is designed to allow only one simultaneous login session per account. A consequence of this is that S-Risk requires you to explicitly log out of the application using the user menu's "Logout" command on the upper right.

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