What is S-Risk?

S-Risk© is a state-of-the-art model that can help you assess exposure and human health risks at contaminated sites. Using steady-state conservation of mass principles, it calculates the fate and distribution of chemical pollutants in soil. S-Risk© is now hosted and maintained by SPAQuE sa.

S-Risk© is available as a user-friendly web application. You can specify and simulate scenarios, from generic to very specific case studies. The interface allows you to choose from different options, including soil remediation values, site-specific risk assessment, and remediation objectives.

S-Risk© comes with a list of built-in chemicals and scenarios, but you can easily modify them according to your needs. This feature enables you to adapt the information to your site under study or use the model for other purposes. So let's get started and use S-Risk© to help create a safer and healthier environment!

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