S-Risk offline coming Thursday


Coming Thursday, S-Risk will be unavailable in the morning for an update to our network configuration. Some downtime can be expected from 8am on.

Server offline for updates


Later today, the S-Risk server will be offline for a short while to apply necessary operating system updates. Some downtime can be expected at 5pm.

Planned software update


On Tuesday October 22nd, the S-Risk web application will be unavailable between 08h00 and 09h30 for a necessary software update. An e-mail will be sent afterwards.

Planned software update


On Monday October 21st the S-Risk simulator will be unavailable between 08h00 and 09h30. An e-mail will be send afterwards.

Downtime for server migration


Coming Monday, September 9th, we will migrate S-Risk to a more powerful server. Because of this, the S-Risk portal and simulator will be offline between 9am and 10am.